August 9, 2020

All You Need to Know about Indoor Games

What are some of the best indoor games your children may engage in, and like them? Since the weather may not permit them to go out and play, such indoor games can suffice to keep them busy and engaged. The good thing about indoor games is that you can monitor the children’s movements, and even get to play with them for the sake of stronger and closer bonds between the two of you.

One of these games is the feeling box. This involves placing items in a box that one can not see through. You then blindfold the children, or have them turn away so they cannot see what is inside. One then asks each child to guess what is inside the box, and for each item gotten right, the child gets a point. The child with the most points definitely wins the game. This game is fun, and you will be surprised and amazed at the guesses made by children.

The next game is the Blind penny hunt. Here, you must first clear a large area in the house where the children will crawl without knocking over anything in the house. Next, you blindfold the children, and spread pennies all round the room. The children are then let to crawl blindfolded as they try to gather as many pennies as they can, and whoever collects the most, is the winner.

The third game which is bound to thrill your children is Bingo. You can either purchase an actual Bingo, or design one yourself. To spice up the game, you can design bingo cards with pictures for younger children, princesses for girl’s cards, while for the boys; you may design cards with cars on them. You will then call out the number, and the first one to complete a row wins the game.

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