September 22, 2020

Some of the Classic Outdoor Games

Today’s generation kids keep themselves busy in playing with the game consoles or the computer they got and engage in very less physical activities which makes them lazy and decrease their aspects of personality. There is a need of telling the teenagers about fun outdoor games for large groups as well as that can be played with single friend also. The fun with these type of games is that one can even change the rules to make the game more interesting.

Kick The Can

The game basically is a variation of tag and hide and seek. Depending on the number of players a person or a group of people are given a name of “it” and for kicking a can is being placed in the middle of the  playing ground. While “it” covers his eyes and counts to a decided number everyone hides to different places in the playing area. And after the counting finishes “it” tries to find out all the players hiding. In between if “it” is able to  find any of the hiding player then it go into a holding pen. And while finding if any of any non-“it” player gets to the metal can and is able to kick it, all the captured players are released. The game is over when all the no-“it” gets in the holding pen.

Traffic Cop

This game is needed to be played on a street with little or no traffic. Or if this kind of area is not available nearby then a paved ground is preferred. It is more fun to play then just to listen. One of the person directs the traffic which are all of the players to keep them avoid running into each other.This kind of game helps kids to learn about traffic safety.


The basic requirements of this game is that you need to draw a circle in the sand and then take turn just to hit each other’s marbles and knock it out of the circle. And you would require a marble of larger size to be able to knock all the marbles of smaller size. This game is has a lot of variations of rules depending on where you are playing the game.


This game ensures that each person involved in the game ends up laughing, so if you are thinking to do some silly activity then try playing it with your friends. For starting the game players sit in a circle and a person (anyone) thinks of a sentence and whispers into the ears of the next person. That person than repeats the sentence to the other person and it continues. This sequence continues until it reaches to that starting person and than he speaks the sentence out loud. The sentence told at the last is always different from the starting on and ensures hilarity in the group.

We think that you will find some of the fun outdoor games for large groups to play with your friends and will enjoy playing them. These games ensures that your mood gets delighted and you feel refreshed.

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