September 22, 2020

Some of the Fun Indoor Games and Activities for Youth

Teens always want to keep themselves entertained in every free time they get. There is always a situation of wits at the end that what kind of activities to do to keep these teens entertained as well as to keep them indoor. As after completing their regular day to day activities everyone wants to do something to get their minds relaxed as in case we are providing some of fun indoor games youth generation can try to get entertained while being at home.

Socks Wrestling

In a well carpeted room, in the center clear a large space . There will be two players facing each other but the condition is that they will be wearing only socks and no shoes. The winning situation in this game will be when anyone is able to take of both of the socks of the opponents. As there are number of players involved the rules of wrestling are adopted to get the best results and adopting legal moves. Fun moments are there in this kind of indoor games youth wants to play.

Blindfolded Obstacle Course

In this game a team of two players is created in which one of the player needs to be blindfolded while the other one needs to navigate him or her across the room and the condition in this game is the room will be filled with obstacles.  The team finishing the whole course fastest wins the game. As there will be not that much space so,at a time single team needs to go and the time is measured using a timer.

Paper-Bag Relocation

The requirement in this game is of 5 grocery bags and cut all these grocery bags at different heights. Line up the bags altogether on one end of the room. Each player should move all 5 bags from one corner of the room to another side. The trick involved in this game is that the player can use their mouth to pickup the bags and hands should not be used to maintain the balance when the player bends over to pickup the bags. The fastest one to complete the task wins the game.

Cinderfellas (Blind Shoe Grab)

For this game arrange the chairs in circle and all the girls involved in the game get in groups and select a chair. The girls involved in the game are called Cinderfellas, The boys called Prince Charming in the game each selects a girl and kneels down in front of her. The boy needs to remove the girl’s shoes and need to hold them in hand.  After this the girl gets the boys blindfolded. The leader of the game calls for shoes and all the shoes are thrown in the middle of the circle. On the signal given by the leader the boys crawls towards the center and tries to find the shoes of their Cinderfellas. The girls are only allowed to tell the instructions for the route to her prince. After finding the shoes the boy needs to crawl back to the girl and place the show in the right foot. One doing this complete task fastest is the winner.

Hope you are able to find some good games to play with youth friends as these games are the good indoor games youth generation should try playing to get their mind free.

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