September 22, 2020

Some old-fashioned fun Outdoor Games

Even before the advent of the so known modern gaming consoles and all these famous IT products that today’s kids are mostly involved in, children were most often were familiar to some of the cool and old fashioned outdoor games to kill their spare times. The list of outdoor games is very huge and are very popular among the kids. Although the number of kids playing all these old fashioned games are declining day by day, there are still some children who prefer to play all these games.

But from the starting we are talking about old-fashioned games, so you will be excited to know some of the games out of the list of outdoor games.


The main aspect behind this game is that this a tracking game which is initially innovated by Boy Scouts. Small or large groups are allowed to be formed in this game. The main skills that are heightened in this kind of game are sensory perception and skills.

Hide and Seek

The best thing about this kind of classic game is that there are some what twist and turns involved in playing this kind of game. These twists can be incorporated by kids to make the game more fun than it is already. This game comes under the top ones of the list of outdoor games.

Kick Ball

Also, one of the simple game involved in the list who’s tips are kind of easy to follow and after all that also so much fun to play. All things required in this kind of game is an open wide ground and a normal playground ball. If you have both the things available then you are everything available to you. Not many players are required to play this game. So, no more need of more friends to wait for. The main aim in this game is to kick the ball as far as you can and run from one station to another and reach the base at last. This game is starting of creation of neighborhood games.


Being the most old-fashioned game in the whole list this game is famous all over the world. The game had its origin from times of ancient Britain when the Roman soldiers started playing this game. Nowadays most of the courses are not like that of medieval ones that were 100 meters in length, there is after that so much fun left in playing this game.

So here we find a total list of outdoor games that are played by the previous generation kids and are quite fun to play rather than just being sitting at a place starring towards a screen all the time. Hope you find some of the games out here. Even if you have some doubts or questions in your mind please feel free to reach us.

Thanks for reading!

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