August 9, 2020

Tips and Ideas For Outdoor Games to Play

If you’re planning a family party of some sort or your kids are having a lot of friends over at one time then thinking of some outdoor games is a very good idea. There’s a few tips and tricks to coming up with your own ideas that I want to share with you. That way you can be the only with the best game ideas in the family.

Think of a regular outdoor game that most people like and get out there and play it before the party. As you’re playing the game you should be thinking of small twists that will add confusion and laughter to the game.

If you set up a big game of tag for your kids to play then they might have fun for 5 minutes and be all set with it. However, if you set up a game of tag with a Nerf ball it might catch their attention a little bit more. The person who’s it must throw the Nerf ball at another person to make them it, and the game continues on.

How about if you get a large size yoga ball for the kids to play soccer or kickball with. They will love the excitement and probably find their own variations as well.

The idea is to create laughter instead of competition with outdoor games. Not everyone is an athlete so it’s difficult for them to compete. If you have a new game to everyone then it will be more of a joking atmosphere than a competitive one. Competition can easily create fights and disagreements with family and friends so it’s best to avoid it during a party.

You could put your 2 or 3 kids into the yard with a ball of any kind and you know they would start making up some outdoor games of their own. Try watching them to come up with ideas yourself. Ask yourself; What if they could only use their left hand? What if they were only hopping on one foot while doing that? What if they had to play catch with 2 balls at the same time?

Try playing soccer with only your hands instead of your feet. The ball must stay on the ground as usual but you have to bend down and hit it with your hands instead. No feet allowed in this game.

There’s obviously more ideas than I could even write down in this article so you need to start seeing some on your own. You can do that by getting outdoors yourself and playing some games. The more you play the more you’ll games you’ll think of to play. So stay active and think of some more things for your kids to do.

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