September 22, 2020

Traditional Outdoor Games played in India

From the great history of India, sports and games have always been a part of India’s rich culture. But it is sad to know that today’s kids are so engrossed in their video games that the traditional that our elders used to play have been completely forgotten.  Those days are not here anymore when kids just wait to go outside and play some games with their friends. There is increase in health related issues which is because of the reason that kids stopped playing these physical games. Lets look into list of outdoor games in India played traditionally.’

1.Pachisi / Chaupar

The game Pachisi gets its mention in the Mahabharata and is a board game which is quite popular in India. The history of this game involves that Akbar an his descendants also played the game. Players involved in this game might be two or four who creates a strategy their pawn’s move s on a piece of cloth designed in the shape of symmetrical cross to win the game.

Other than this Chaupar is also a board game invented near around 4th century and the players in this game uses cowry shells and wooden pawns to plan the moves and to win the game.

2. Five Stones

It is a game which is fun to play  and can be played between both kids and adults. It generally requires five pebbles or small stones can also be used instead. At a given time any number of players can play this game. The player is needed to spin a stone up and collect all the stones present on the ground with one hand and the one which is in the air shouldn’t fall down. The player able to finish all the eight steps in the minimum amount of time is the winner.

3. Lattoo

Even today the game of Lattoo is quite famous in the villages and this simple game came in existence in 3500 B.C. Earlier  the tops of these lattoos are made of clay and wood but as the time passed and we talk of today’s lattoo fancy and decorated tops are also there. There can be two or more players in this game. A string is used to spin the top and also used to lift up the lattoo.


Kancha is one of that exciting games played by our elders and is an exciting game. The game has its roots from the Harrapan age. Round glass marbles or kanchas are required for playing this game. Number of person can participate in this game and no need of creating a team in this game. The goal is to get get as many number of kanchas by choosing the striking kancha with the another one. And the reward of this game is that winner gets to take all the marbles of the other players home.

Hope you find some of these traditional games interesting and would think of playing any of these with your friends out in the ground. The list of outdoor games in India played traditionally is quite big.

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